What We Do

Key Objectives

Rocketship aims to strengthen primary healthcare systems in the Pacific by:

  • Supporting primary healthcare services;

  • Enhancing the capacity of healthcare professionals;

  • Promoting healthy behaviours and enabling healthy communities.

 To achieve these objectives, we undertake various activities under the following programme areas.

Programme Areas

Professional Development

One of the pillars to strong and sustainable health systems is a highly trained and motivated workforce.  Drawing on the expertise and experience from within the organisation, as well as a dedicated volunteer workforce, Rocketship works in partnership with key stakeholders to build the knowledge, skills and capacity of healthcare professionals in the Pacific, with an emphasis on primary care. Specifically, this involves on-site training by suitably qualified internationally recruited healthcare professionals (principally medical doctors and nurses), and partnering with national and regional institutions to create further relevant training opportunities.  A particular priority for Rocketship over the short-term is working to develop a post-graduate vocational training programme for primary care physicians throughout the Pacific. 


Capitalising on its expertise, networks and connections with leading universities in Australia and across the Pacific, Rocketship seeks to undertake key pieces of research to inform its programming and advocacy efforts, whilst also contributing to the wider body of evidence relating to primary health care and its implementation in practice. Importantly, Rocketship’s intended research will provide unique regional insights and recommendations to revitalise, prioritise and implement primary health care within Pacific Island Countries. By partnering with local stakeholders on these research projects, Rocketship also seeks to enhance the primary health care research capacity throughout the Pacific.

Policy and Advocacy

Despite wide interest and support for the concept of primary health care among national governments, intergovernmental agencies and bodies, and non-government organisations, it has yet to be universally adopted and effectively and sustainably implemented at the country level. There are many complex and interconnected reasons for this, nevertheless there is a need for continued advocacy and support around what a primary health care approach involves, and how it can be achieved, particularly in relation to health systems strengthening. Drawing from its research findings and programmatic experience, Rocketship seeks to raise awareness and inform the ongoing policy debate as it relates to the practical implementation of primary health care principles and approaches, particularly in relation to health system strengthening. 

Community Development

To help meet the immediate health needs of remote communities, Rocketship undertakes ‘bush clinics’ to provide all individuals and communities with equal access to medical care. However, as good health is determined by more than just healthcare, Rocketship seeks to work in partnership with communities to address the broader determinants of health such as income, food security, and access to clean water and improved sanitation. In doing so, Rocketship empowers communities to be actively involved in the planning and implementation of inter-sectoral activities to sustainably improve their health and well-being.